Book Review: Demons In Disguise — The Dangers of Talking to the Dead, by Steve Wohlberg

The following book review was written by a member of our congregation. The views presented here are solely those of the reviewer and may or may not align with the views of other members.

S. A. Owens
  • Ones first reaction to the title of this book might be that it would probably not be of interest to a Christian.
  • Before making such a determination however, consider whether or not you’re “hooked” on any television shows or movies that exploit supernatural or paranormal activity and make it seem inter- esting, harmless and even fun at times.
  • Also, before making such a determination, consider whether or not your interest is piqued when you hear some story of a “haunted house” or a news story about paranormal activity in your city.
  • The author of this book is quite thorough with his use of Biblical references to substantiate the points he makes concerning the dangers of what the Scriptures refer to as necromancy, sorcery or familiar spirits.
  • This book may not be for everyone but should be read by anyone who is intrigued with psychic mediums, New Age meditation, Contemplative prayer, verbalcommunications from God or Jesus Christ, fortune tellers, tarot cards, TV shows or movies that glorify the paranormal or any other methods used for communicating with the dead that have become popular today.
  • While a New Testament Christian would disagree with this author’s theology as he nears the conclusion of the book, the message he delivers concerning Demons in Disguiseshould not be discounted.