Book Review: Scripture Twisting — 20 Ways The Cults Misread The Bible, by James W. Sire

The following book review was written by a member of our congregation. The views presented here are solely those of the reviewer and may or may not align with the views of other members.

S. A. Owens
  • Although the book is a bit dry at times, the author gives numerous examples of how the Bible is misread in order to solidify a belief or teaching that is completely inaccurate.
  • In chapters 3 through 9 of this 10 chapter book, the author lists 20 ways the Scriptures are misread and discusses each one in detail while providing specifics as to the cults that have used that particular method to establish an inaccurate belief or teaching.
  • Appendix 1 of the book is a very brief summary of all 20 ways with an example given for each one.
  • While many of us recognize when certain Bible texts are misused, this book demonstrates some of the more subtle and less recognizable "twists" that are used to make it seem that the Bible says something that it doesn’t say.
  • Even if one were to read only the Appendices of this book, it might be quite useful in encouraging each of us to listen more closely when Scripture is quoted.
  • As with any book one reads, it is important to discern whether or not the theology implied by the author is in agreement with ones own Scriptural beliefs.