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Our Sunday morning sermons are now available for download online. You can access them as a podcast at (RSS Feed) using a podcast receiver such as Juice or individually via the links below. The podcast link is also a valid RSS feed so you can retrieve the files via your favorite RSS client.

DateTitlePresented ByAudio
01/29/2023The Christian LifeEric SniderMP3
01/22/2023The Three D's of DenialEric SniderMP3
01/15/2023No Podcast Today 
01/08/2023The Household of GodEric SniderMP3
01/01/2023First of All, Pray.Eric SniderMP3
12/25/2022The Testimony at the Proper TimeEric SniderMP3
12/18/2022When I Die, I Want a Mulligan!Jerry ClarkMP3
12/11/2022Anyone Can Be Saved!Eric SniderMP3
12/04/2022Fight the Good Fight of FaithEric SniderMP3
11/27/2022How to Get RichEric SniderMP3
11/20/2022How to Love (Part 1)Eric SniderMP3
11/13/2022The Goal is LoveEric SniderMP3
11/06/2022Four Commands of JesusJay NobleMP3
10/30/2022Pass on the Faith!Eric SniderMP3
10/23/2022Simple, Authentic Faith! (Part 2 of 2)Eric SniderMP3
10/16/2022Simple, Authentic Faith! (Part 1 of 2)Eric SniderMP3
10/09/2022We Are Overcomers!Eric SniderMP3
10/02/2022Door Knocking: Prep & BenefitsEric SniderMP3
09/25/2022Door KnockingEric SniderMP3
09/18/2022The Holy Spirit & Us (3 of 3)Eric SniderMP3
09/11/2022The Holy Spirit & Us (Part 2 of 3)Eric SniderMP3
09/04/2022The Holy Spirit & Us (1 of 3)Eric SniderMP3
08/28/2022The Holy Spirit and JesusEric SniderMP3
08/21/2022The Spirit in the Books of ProphecyEric SniderMP3
08/14/2022The Spirit in the Books of Prophecy (1/2)Eric SniderMP3
08/07/2022The Spirit in the Books of Poetry (cont.)Eric SniderMP3
07/31/2022The Spirit of God in the Books of PoetryEric SniderMP3
07/24/2022The Spirit of God in the Books of HistoryEric SniderMP3
07/17/2022The Spirit of YahwehEric SniderMP3
07/10/2022The Spirit of YahwehEric SniderMP3
07/04/2022The Spirit of God in the Old TestamentEric SniderMP3
06/26/2022The Holy Spirit: IntroductionEric SniderMP3
06/19/2022A Radio-inspired MessageRyan OwensMP3
06/12/2022More Biblical Principles on BaptismEric SniderMP3
06/05/2022False Teachings on BaptismEric SniderMP3
05/22/2022What Does the Bible Say about Baptism?Eric SniderMP3
05/15/2022What Does the Bible Say about Baptism?Eric SniderMP3
05/08/2022Praise God for Mothers!Eric SniderMP3
05/01/2022Set Apart by Evangelism (part 2)Eric SniderMP3
04/24/2022Set Apart by EvangelismEric SniderMP3
04/17/2022Set Apart by WorshipEric SniderMP3
04/10/2022Set Apart by BaptismEric SniderMP3
04/03/2022Set Apart by Scriptural OrganizationEric SniderMP3
03/27/2022Set Apart by Scriptural OrganizationEric SniderMP3
03/20/2022Set Apart by Not Being DividedEric SniderMP3
03/13/2022What Sets Us Apart?Eric SniderMP3
03/06/2022The Joyful Life!Eric SniderMP3
02/27/2022The Spirit that Rejoices!Eric SniderMP3
02/20/2022Family of GodJay NobleMP3
02/13/2022Psalm 107: God's Wonders!Eric SniderMP3
02/06/2022Psalm 107: The Storms of LifeEric SniderMP3
01/30/2022Psalm 107: Rebellious Fools!Eric SniderMP3
01/23/2022Psalm 107: Don't Dwell in DarknessEric SniderMP3
01/16/2022Psalm 107: Don't Faint; Be Filled!Eric SniderMP3
01/09/2022Psalm 103: The Steadfast Love of the LordEric SniderMP3
01/02/2022Psalm 103: Bless the Lord, O My Soul!Eric SniderMP3
12/26/2021The Life That Is FilledEric SniderMP3
12/19/2021Don't Be Holey!Eric SniderMP3
12/12/2021Holy HeroesEric SniderMP3
12/05/2021What Is My Purpose?Eric SniderMP3
11/28/2021Woe Is Me for I Am DestroyedEric SniderMP3
11/21/2021Highs and LowsJay NobleMP3
11/14/2021The Distinction Between the Holy and the ProfaneEric SniderMP3
11/07/2021What Is HolinessEric SniderMP3
10/31/2021Fasting (Part 2)Eric SniderMP3
10/24/2021FastingEric SniderMP3
10/17/2021What Did Jesus Pray For?Eric SniderMP3
10/10/2021Prayer (Part 2/3)Eric SniderMP3
10/03/2021Prayer (Part 1/2)Eric SniderMP3
09/26/2021What the Bible Says about MeditationEric SniderMP3
09/19/2021Hebrews: Final ExhortationEric SniderMP3
09/12/2021A Salad Sermon!Eric SniderMP3
09/05/2021The Unshakable Kingdom!Eric SniderMP3
08/29/2021Mommy, Look What I Can Do!Eric SniderMP3
08/22/2021Be 'Selfish': Seek Something Better!Eric SniderMP3
08/15/2021Our Action Plan!Eric SniderMP3
08/08/2021God v. MammonEric SniderMP3
08/01/2021Obsolete v. Cutting Edge!Eric SniderMP3
07/25/2021Dig Deep!Eric SniderMP3
07/18/2021The Anchor of the Soul!Eric SniderMP3
07/11/2021Go to the Ant, O Sluggard!Eric SniderMP3
07/04/2021FreedomRyan OwensMP3
06/27/2021The Sacrifice of JesusJay NobleMP3
06/20/2021Let Us Press On to MaturityEric SniderMP3
06/13/2021What Made Jesus Perfect?Eric SniderMP3
06/06/2021Let Us Draw NearEric SniderMP3
05/30/2021We Who Have Believed Enter That RestEric SniderMP3
05/23/2021Jesus, Apostle & High Priest of Our Confession!Eric SniderMP3
05/16/2021Could You Be Convicted of Negligence?Eric SniderMP3
05/09/2021Are You Listening?Eric SniderMP3
05/02/2021Listen to Jesus!Eric SniderMP3
04/25/2021Humble Yourselves in the Sight of the Lord!Eric SniderMP3
04/18/2021Jesus Was Just a Man, Right?Eric SniderMP3
04/11/2021Shalom: the ConclusionEric SniderMP3
04/04/2021Don't Reject the Prince of PeaceEric SniderMP3
03/28/2021Shalom: The Price of PeaceEric SniderMP3
03/21/2021No Peace on Earth?Eric SniderMP3
03/14/2021Shalom From Me to You!Eric SniderMP3
03/07/2021Shalom: Go in Peace #2Eric SniderMP3
02/28/2021Shalom: Go in Peace #1Eric SniderMP3
02/21/2021Shalom: Depart in PeaceEric SniderMP3
02/14/2021Jesus Brings WholenessEric SniderMP3
02/07/2021Shalom!Eric SniderMP3
01/31/2021The Christian & PoliticsEric SniderMP3
01/24/2021Skip About!Eric SniderMP3
01/17/2021Refined by JesusEric SniderMP3
01/10/2021Am I Keeping the Covenant?Eric SniderMP3
01/03/2021The Table of the Lord is DespisedEric SniderMP3
12/27/2020A Professional ChristianRyan OwensMP3
12/20/2020Break Up Your Fallow GroundEric SniderMP3
12/13/2020A God Who Delivers!Eric SniderMP3
12/06/2020Showers of Blessings!Eric SniderMP3
11/29/2020Go and Speak!Eric SniderMP3
11/22/2020A Cause for Thanksgiving!Eric SniderMP3
11/15/2020We Will ListenEric SniderMP3
11/08/2020Trust Not FearEric SniderMP3
11/01/2020God's Servant: a Man of SorrowsEric SniderMP3
10/25/2020Isaiah 55 (Part 2 of 2)Eric SniderMP3
10/18/2020Isaiah 55 (Part 1 of 2)Eric SniderMP3
10/11/2020Take the High(est) GroundEric SniderMP3
10/04/2020Thoughts for LivingEric SniderMP3
09/27/2020Jesus and WisdomEric SniderMP3
09/20/2020Ears Heart Mouth Eyes FeetEric SniderMP3
09/13/2020Hope in the LordEric SniderMP3
09/06/2020No Worthless Thing Before My EyesEric SniderMP3
08/30/2020Make His Face to Shine Upon Us!Eric SniderMP3
08/23/2020I Delight to Do Your Will!Eric SniderMP3
08/16/2020There Is No GodEric SniderMP3
08/09/2020Job Was Like a TreeEric SniderMP3
08/02/2020Life is Like a Video Game!Eric SniderMP3
07/26/2020Job & DeathEric SniderMP3
07/19/2020Nehemiah's PPEJerry ClarkMP3
07/12/2020A Call to ActionJay NobleMP3
07/05/2020Carrying the Unclean out to the KidronEric SniderMP3
06/28/2020Be Strong & Courageous & Act!Eric SniderMP3
06/21/2020Oh Give Thanks to the Lord!Eric SniderMP3
06/14/2020Stand and Make a Covenant!Eric SniderMP3
06/07/2020Only the High Places Were Not Taken AwayEric SniderMP3
05/31/2020PrayEric SniderMP3
05/24/2020Can I Number My Sacrifices?Eric SniderMP3
05/17/2020Don't Tolerate Sin!Eric SniderMP3
05/10/2020Are You Leaping & Dancing Before the Lord?Eric SniderMP3
05/03/2020We Turn to Our King in a PandemicEric SniderMP3
04/26/2020I Will Save You No MoreEric SniderMP3
04/19/2020You Shall Be HolyEric SniderMP3
04/12/2020He Himself Bore Our SinsEric SniderMP3
04/05/2020You Shall Love Your NeighborEric SniderMP3
03/29/2020You Shall Be To MeEric SniderMP3
03/22/2020No Podcast Today 
03/15/2020Coronavirus and the BibleEric SniderMP3
03/08/2020You Have SeenEric SniderMP3
03/01/2020The CrucifixionJay NobleMP3
02/23/2020The Passover. Our PassoverEric SniderMP3
02/16/2020Do You Want to be Free?Eric SniderMP3
02/09/2020Lo Mas Grande en el Mundo... The Biggest Thing in the World!Hermes PinedaMP3
02/02/2020I Will Be With You!Eric SniderMP3
01/26/2020How to Have SuccessEric SniderMP3
01/19/2020God's Promise, My PromiseEric SniderMP3
01/12/2020God-serving or Self-serving?Eric SniderMP3
01/05/2020Heaven: Would You Like a Sample?Eric SniderMP3
12/29/2019Are You Ready?Eric SniderMP3
12/22/2019What Is My Purpose?Eric SniderMP3
12/15/2019Paul, Onesimus & PhilemonEric SniderMP3
12/08/2019Serve God in Your SpiritEric SniderMP3
12/01/2019Don't Be Restrained in Your Affections!Eric SniderMP3
11/24/2019What Does God Want?Ryan OwensMP3
11/17/2019More Than Conquerors!Eric SniderMP3
11/10/2019The Storms of LifeEric SniderMP3
11/03/2019Give Thanks!Eric SniderMP3
10/27/2019Wrestling with FaithEric SniderMP3
10/20/2019Seeing God as He Truly IsEric SniderMP3
10/13/2019Hope Restored!Eric SniderMP3
10/06/2019Hope LostEric SniderMP3
09/29/2019A Fruitful, Shiny Kingdom!Eric SniderMP3
09/22/2019How's Your Bible Reading Going?Jerry ClarkMP3
09/15/2019Who Touched My Garments?Eric SniderMP3
09/08/2019Radical Commitment DemonstratedEric SniderMP3
09/01/2019The Kingdom of HeavenEric SniderMP3
08/25/2019Why Did Jesus Say, Let the Dead Bury the Dead?Eric SniderMP3
08/18/20193 Questions on Reading the BibleEric SniderMP3
08/11/2019FamilyJay NobleMP3
08/04/2019Why Is Homosexuality Wrong?Eric SniderMP3
07/28/2019Why Let Demons Live?Eric SniderMP3
07/21/2019Who Do We Confess To?Eric SniderMP3
07/14/2019What is a Blessing?Eric SniderMP3
07/07/2019Psalm 119: The Word of GodEric SniderMP3